This was not the man she fell in love with, this guy is so different. All she wants to do is escape from Dave and hated him to the core.

Chapter One

It was as if she was being touched by burning fire. His face hardened and ruthless he made to kiss her, his cold fierce lips bit on hers ruthlessly.
Lying there helplessly she mutters to herself.
“Why… Why me… Why must it be me…?”

He forces himself on her and she felt like an imprisoned soul in a shackle of chains.

After what seemed like forever, he finally let her loose.
She opens her eyes and laid there in utter disgust. He left the bed half-naked and makes his way to the bathroom. Half an hour later he swiftly picked out some clothes from the wardrobe and dashed out.

It wasn’t until she heard the sound of the door shutting that Stella slowly slipped out of the bed and heads for the bathroom.

To be continued…

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